Warmth Blanket

Well, I finally finished it, the Warmth Blanket for my youngest son, not quite in time for his 14th birthday, still, he is very pleased with it, as am I.  The photo doesn’t do justice to the colour which is a tweed from Jo Sharps Silkroad Aran Tweed range called Brindle and has flecks of eau de nil, mulberry, cream and rust in it .  I am going to knit a blanket for the eldest son, called Retreat, also from Jo Sharp’s Home book in an off white mohair (his choice) but he wants a scarf first and I’m waiting on yarn and needles for it as will be knitting it sideways on.


Meanwhile, I will be knitting my second sock and casting on for Pink by Wendy Bernard, from her Custom Knits book.

I also have work stuff to do, two assignments and a literature review on diabetes treatments and my advanced life support to pass so will be busy, busy busy as usual, no rest for the wicked eh!


Just thought I would update my progress on Warmth blanket from Jo Sharp’s “Home” book.  I am halfway through this massive project, it more than covers the seat on my three seater sofa so pretty big, each row is 272 stitches long and 24 rows make a row of squares.  I have 10 1/2 balls of yarn left used 12 so far, the 1/2 was leftover from a previous project same dye lot which is lucky.


And a close up.


The blanket is for E’s birthday, he picked the yarn and the pattern so not a surprise present but he is totally in love with it and thinks it is “awesome”.  I wanted to make both boys a portable hug from Mum to keep with them forever, kind of like grief therapy after losing Mum last year. I will begin S’s blanket when this one is finished.