Finished projects and new ones too

I finished my stripe study shawl this morning. I feel a bit ambivalent about this shawl and I don’t know why really. It is in my favourite colours and from yarn out of my stash, it was an easy mindless knit but not boring. It looks good and will be perfect for throwing around my shoulders when there is a bit of a breeze but still… meh!


Maybe, it’s because I had high expectations and just hasn’t lived up to the hype. Maybe, I just need to wear it to appreciate it more, who knows. So next on the needles is Terra by Jared Flood. Yes, another shawl, not one for the coming summer season but what the heck. I’m very excited to cast this one on, I was supposed to cast on ages ago then I had a bit of deliberation about which yarn I was going to knit it in and now I’m going with my original choice of Shelter in Homemade Jam colour-way.

I also finished spinning the Hilltop cloud yarn. Nearly 700 yards between 2 and a bit skeins of squooshy yumminess.


I haven’t allocated it to a pattern because that method doesn’t seem to work for me being so fickle and apt to change my mind as I am.

Next on the wheel are two of my own blends. Spun out spinners on Ravelry are having a shawl themed spin-a-long/knit-a-long and I couldn’t resist.  So Friday being my day off I dove into my stash and found some merino fibre.  I blended it on my hackles and pulled through the diz. I have 3 colour-ways peppermint creme, meringue and creme caramel.

I wish you could feel how utterly light and fluffy they are. I may never spin from commercial tops that haven’t had the hackle treatment again. Anyway, I’m thinking I might make a dream Stripes shawl for the KAL part with the peppermint creme and meringue but you know me 😉


I’d like to introduce you all to my new BFF, Mabel!

She’s a Hansen miniSpinner and we have been inseparable since we met last Tuesday, apart from the going to work thing that is.  Mabel has replaced Owen, my Little Gem who has found a new home, where I hope he’ll be very happy. I was introduced to the Hansen miniSpinner by the lovely Emma of Spunout when I was at her house one day and knew I had to have one.

The beauty of Mabel is that she enables me to spin in a relaxed position so that my stupid neck, shoulders and mid-scapular area are not held in an awkward position which is what I was tending to do when I spun on Owen. I am still in constant pain and because my job involves a lot of lifting and suchlike I have to watch what I do in other areas of my life. So now I sit in my Poang chair with my feet up, sideways on to Mabel who sits on the table next to me.

Spinning is a joy again. Hurrah!

Isn’t she tiny? I chose the woollee winder option so there are no distractions from drafting beautiful fibre.

The fibre that I’m spinning on Mabel currently is from The Thylacine sock fibre club. It’s English wool, bamboo and yak and previously I would have really struggled with drafting the short fluffy yak fibres along with the longer wool and bamboo fibres but because I’m not at the mercy of my speedy treadling I can draft at my leisure.

Here’s the first bobbin of singles

I’m planning a 3ply yarn.

I know a lot of people are quite snobby about electric spinners because they aren’t traditional but really I don’t see that there is any difference between having an electric spinner and having an electric mixer for baking. Having Mabel and my Kitchen Aid mixer means that I still get to enjoy my hobbies which has to be a good thing.

I think Mabel and I are really going to be best friends forever.

BTW I had to give up on the spindling a sweater thing because my neck/shoulder/mid-scapular injury was being aggravated 😦

Mabel to the rescue!

Mad, Crazy, Bonkers! Moi?

It has been a while hasn’t it? I don’t know why this is, I just fell out of the habit I guess. Also I’ve been a bit down in the dumps due to pain in my neck, shoulder and mid-scapular area which has meant sitting for a long time is painful and therefore spinning out of the question. Or so I thought…

It occurred to me the other day that while spinning on the wheel was off the cards I do own some very beautiful spindles and spindling (so long as I watch my posture) might just be the way to go, might even strengthen those weakened, over-stretched muscles. I’m also doing Pilates and having massage therapy.

Then a crazy idea started to form due to a combination of events, kind of like the spinning planets (ha, totally unintentional pun) aligning.

Contributing event number 1


Contributing event number 2

Tour de Fleece fever is about to take over Ravelry. Last year I looked on fascinated by it all and promised I’d join in the fun this year. I’ve joined team Spun Out and I’m getting very excited about the challenge.

Contributing event number 3

Whilst browsing Ravelry’s spindling groups I came across one for Ravellers who are spindling for jumpers and well, yes I am crazy enough. Also…

Contributing event number 4

It just so happens that I have a fleece I am longing to turn into an Owls jumper.

It all adds up really

spindling due to injury + Tour de Fleece + crazy Ravelry group + fleece needing to be Owls jumper = spindling for a jumper during the Tour de Fleece

Wish me luck!