Given that, when faced with a seemingly insurmountable task I generally stand there eyes wide open like a rabbit caught in the headlights, I moved all the projects I plan to finish this year from my queue onto my project page and started two new WIP’s.  Why do I do this?  Because I also like to know the full extent of what I need to achieve.  A lot of these are gift projects, I’m turning a new leaf this year.  I may turn back and be totally selfish again next year though, be warned!

I lost the love for Farinelli completely, maybe next year?  I’ve re-queued it.

The new WIP’s, well one’s for me and one’s for someone very special. It’s all I’m saying for now.  Pics later…


I spent a few hours (yes really) organising my Ravelry queue today.  In between knitting Manu of course.  I found it strangely therapeutic, re-jigging my queue and deleting patterns I was no longer in love with and adding a couple of new ones too.  So I managed to wheedle down four pages to only three, despite adding a few new patterns, lovely jubley.

Then I allocated yarn from my stash to queued patterns which involved getting the stash out and working out what I had and how much and what it should be knit up into (obviously there were no witnesses, for that would be silly).  It was all very pleasant and satisfying.

However, I was quite surprised to learn that I have yarn for 43 projects plus leftovers.  Eeek!  Now I’m not a fast knitter, but I do like to finish things and so far this year I have completed 11 knitted projects and 2 woven projects so that means that I have enough projects and yarn to keep me going for 3 years-ish.

Now stash is entirely a personal preference and I don’t for one minute subscribe to the “my stash is bigger/smaller than yours” thing, mostly because I’m not 8 years old.  But for me, it’s kind of getting out of hand, I need to get on with knitting what I’ve got.

Trouble is, there are always new patterns, (I know I am one of the billions waiting for Ysolda Teague’s new book) and new yarn and I am weak.

Weak as in… I have always wanted a lopi jumper.  Yes, I know I live in a country where it would only rarely be cold enough for one.  My favourite yarn store baa ram ewe has some lopi yarn just in and my new book has a lopi pattern and, and, and…

…and so I’ve ordered the yarn, couldn’t help myself, it was like all the planets aligned in such a fortuitous way that is was meant to be.  But I hate the guilt and I need turnover.  I am a fairly rational person, even when it comes down to yarn and I realise that the world is not going to run out of yarn producing animals, so I need to resist the urge.  I need to repeat this mantra-like when tempted to make yarn purchases.

One of my reasons for resisting is that I would like very much to own my own loom and a spinning wheel and go to spinning classes, all of which cost quite a lot really.  So I’ve made a deal with myself which will begin once the loom and spinning wheel have been purchased.  The deal is this,  as I finish one project I can buy yarn for another project, that way I can buy yarn completely guilt free, ahhh.

Manu is coming along slowly btw, as the painkillers I’m on make my head fuzzy, so fuzzy that I’ve even made mistakes knitting stocking stitch.  Good news is I’m feeling better each day.