If at first you don’t succeed…

…ply again!

Nope not going to apologise for that at all because it’s true.

Remember the fugly yarn that got a prettier colour from the last post. Well, now it’s had another pass through the Hansen to increase the ply twist (Cheers Sharon) and though the dye job made it better now it’s even more betterer!


Well, I could hardly leave it as it was after Ursula had dyed it so beautifully could I? It’s still balanced (hurrah) and comes in at 790 yards for 220g. I’m planning to turn it into a linen weave scarf  or maybe hitchhiker sometime soon, can’t decide which. I just have to finish my Terra shawl which has been lingering a bit due to having a problem with aching finger and wrist joints.

Now I love love love it even more than before and I’m even more convinced that…





I don’t think the thrill of making yarn will ever wear off.  The more I do it the better it gets.  Each new fibre is the opportunity to explore and create, the possiblities are vast.  I’ve spun half of the BFL angora silk tops that I dyed earlier in this post and Navajo plied the resulting singles because I’m still excited about Navajo plying, it means all of the singles get used so that’s good, I hate waste.

I love how the colours turned out.

On the needles is Habitat by Jared Flood.  How much am I enjoying cabling? It’s so much fun, I don’t know why I don’t do more.  The yarn is lovely to work with too, though judging by the weather I may not be wearing it until next year.

Despite this I think I may need to knit Seraphine very soon, Melbourne weather is after all notoriously fickle.

N is for…

…Navajo plying. Which is what I’ve been playing with recently.

It started with the two locks that I photographed for the Bendigo post.  I washed them to see how they looked clean and both of them came up beautifully.  I’m excited to have new fleecy possibilities to explore but I don’t want to rush into anything.  However, lately there has been a lot of conversation of carding amongst my friends, Sharon has just become the proud owner of a Fancy Kitty drum carder, I recently purchased a pair of Ashford hand carders from Spun Out and we met Richard Ashford at Bendigo who was utterly charming and generous and gave me a lesson on drum carding resulting in free batts for both Sonia and I.  So with all of this carding excitement going on I picked up my hand carders and began to card the two locks together.  I spun the resulting rolag with one of my Ken Ledbetter spindles and then had a go at Navajo plying the single.  Heaps of fun!  Although I can be a bit project orientated I do love to play around with fibre just for the fun of it.

I think it has a rustic charm, though I don’t think I will be blending the two fleeces when I come to spinning them proper.

Anyway, so the Navajo plying, I don’t know why but I had got it in my head that it was way more complicated than it actually is.  I do this occasionally, spend ages looking for the trick when there is none, it really is that simple, just my brain getting in the way.  I fear I am doing the same with crochet and hopefully one day soon that too will just click.  So yesterday I had another attempt using the singles left over from Julie’s birthday yarn.

I made a N just because I can!  I’m quite happy with my dabblings so far there are lengths of yarn that are beautiful though more practice is needed.  I fudged a bit when the singles broke which looks a little bit shit but hey, practicing this is fun. I’m also practicing my long-draw but I don’t have anything worth showing there. Hopefully that too will click with time but I think that’s a muscle memory/co-ordination thing rather than a silly mental block, or maybe it isn’t, time will tell.

Well, I better get back to the gift knitting and musing about fleecy possibilities.  Going back to work is going to be a real wrench that’s for sure!

ttfn Melanie x

To ply or not to ply…

…that is the question I’m asking myself this week.

I finished the first 100g of the Wensleydale/Teeswater/Tussah silk singles and it’s looking pretty.

Spinning does magical things to fibre don’t you think?  So I have another 100g to spin and I’m wondering whether to ply or not.  Here’s a picture of the singles in a twist.

I quite like this also.

I suppose in the end it all comes down to what I want to do with it and the honest answer to that is I don’t know.  I know I definitely need more bobbins so that I can leave the singles on the bobbins and keep spinning while I decide but that’s not very helpful.  Does anyone have any ideas?