A gift from Mother Nature

We have a plant growing in our garden that we didn’t plant, we didn’t know what it was and we decided to leave it to see what it grew like.  It’s in the corner where the herbs and rhubarb are growing up against the screen that kind of hides the ugly shed.

It flowered and I thought that the flowers look like passion fruit flowers but not quite the right colour.

It also has fruit now, very exciting.  I am reliably informed that it is a banana passionfruit and that they are rather nice.  So thank you Mother Nature for your lovely gift, I can’t wait to taste these fruits.

Today I gave back the Ashford Traddie that I loaned for my spinning course, but not before I had spun and plied some Corriedale/Finn/Romney for the Hap blanket I will be knitting at some point next year.  I think I’m getting the hang of this now.

Now to decorate the Yuletide tree, how incongruous, next year I will get my arse into gear and do things according to their proper season.

ttfn Melanie x


Seasonal Confuzzlement

After 5 years of living here the upside-down seasons still manage to confuzzle me.  I think of October and I think of shorter daylight hours, turning leaves, toffee apples and witches on broomsticks, greys and browny-oranges the smell of smoke as people make bonfires of their prunings.  Instead I am greeted with spring and new life, daffodils and blossoms.  My crabapple tree and jasmine are full of buds and new blooms heralding the spring.

Pretty though…

Oh, talking of pretty, the knitting, yes, knitting is also happening. I’ve started the first sleeve of Coraline.  In fact as I have 5 whole days off, I might get a fair bit of knitting done, fingers crossed.

ttfn x