My so called scarf

Hello Fiona,

                        Yesterday I started this project and as promised here are some pictures.

my so called scarf

my so called scarf



I love the texture of this scarf and I think it brings out the colours of the Noro Kochoran, the stitch is a lot easier than it seems on reading the pattern.

As it was late last night when I wrote my first blog piece I forgot to mention some things.  Firstly yesterday was the 19th anniversary of the day DH and I met at Camelots in Doncaster on our blind date which was set up by a workmate of his and a college friend of mine who were dating, she was from Melbourne and had moved back to Doncaster with her family, I recall that she was homesick too, but for Melbourne, ironic don’t you think?

Anyway, we had lunch in Albert Park to celebrate, we both chose the same dish which is unusual for us, I always end up coveting DH’s choice, but this time we both fancied the ricotta and sage gnocci with pumpkin, pine nuts and parmesan.  Delish!  I washed mine down with some Irish cider to enhance the autumness. It was really quite warm, as warm as an English summer ever gets but you could tell it was autumn because of the long shadows. Today, is Good Friday and to celebrate Easter I am making bread and butter pudding from chocolate chip hot cross buns, I don’t think I will ever get used to the whole Easter in autumn and Christmas in Summer, it’s just so wrong!  Tomorrow is our 17th wedding anniversary and we are going to see “the boat that rocked” in the directors suite and I can’t wait.

  I have been furiously knitting my origami bolero but I think that deserves a blog piece of it’s own , so maybe tomorrow, gosh I’m such a tease 😉

Happy knitting

Easter holiday

Hello Fiona, 

Yipee I have 5 days off for the Easter holidays including today, so I headed off to the WoolBaa where the knitterati of Melbourne hang out.  Leonie the owner admired the progress on my Origami Bolero I am just concerned because I don’t want the sleeves to be too long and I have been making the larger size.  I tried the shop sample and I think I am ok.  I am a bit concerned with picking up the stitches on the lace and moss stitch but I can always ask at the WoolBaa.  I have started a new project out of the Noro Kochoran “my so called scarf” and I will post piccies tommorow.