Hand-spun to hand-knit

I’m a bit excited by the results of knitting my hand-spun, hand-dyed, navajo plied yarn.  I need to share the sample I knit with you.

I think it’s pretty and also when I put it next to the bunny nuggets I can see progress, which is good.  I should do this more often.  The trouble is I want to knit with hand-spun most of the time but I also want a larger hand-spun to mill-spun ratio in my stash and in order to do this I must knit more mill-spun.

The most exciting thing about this though, is that now I’m reassured that I could spin well enough to make a beautiful hand-spun jumper which is a bit of an ambition of mine.  First of all though I need to make this jumper for Sam, should I feel bad that his jumper is going to be kind of a prototype?  Today I got him to stand still long enough for me to take measurements except that I forgot to take the top of shoulder to armhole measurement which is probably kind of crucial, doh!  I’m also going to be doing more swatching.  I’m having a bit of difficulty finding some zip up, mesh, laundry  bags so I can start washing my fleeces ready for spinning, the last 3 times I went to my local supermarket they didn’t have any, I’m going to try Kmart next.  Then I can make my hand-spun, hand-knit jumper, squeee!



Two of my parcels have arrived, I’m so excited!

First up some beautiful hand-dyed merino sock yarn from Knitsch in New Zealand.

I’m planning to knit Ysolda’s Damson shawl in the 3 beautiful silver-grey skeins.  For the funky green-purple skeins which go by the name of Mystery Machine, presumably inspired by Scooby Doo I shall knit socks, either Herringbone rib or Leyburn, I haven’t completely decided.  Anyway for now they sit on my desk and make me smile, I sniff them and snuggle them frequently.

The second parcel came from Renaissance dyeing in France.  This company specialises in natural dyes and dyeing.  They first caught my eye when Ysolda published her Farinelli gloves which I absolutely love.  The colour of the original Farinelli are the most perfect cherry red colour, I’m very picky about red but this one I adore.  So obviously I bought a skein of cherry 4 ply and as it’s one of my favourite colours and a skein of Ciel 4 ply, a pretty sky blue.  I shall be copying Ysolda and knitting Farinelli in the cherry red but I’m still undecided about what to make with the blue.

As I was feeling adventurous and wanting to delve deeper into my yarn-affair I  also bought 2 dye your own sock yarn kits and some extra dye pigments.

The dye extracts are woad, madder, chlorophyll, logwood and persian berries.  The idea of dyeing yarn with these ancient dyes fascinates me, I once saw the Bayeux tapestry during a holiday to Normandy and was struck by the richness of the colours even after all this time.  Woad in particular is something that intrigues me, it seems so mystical, ancient and steeped in legend.  I am giddy with excitement but I am going to think long and hard about the effects I want to achieve and do some research first, starting with the literature Renaissance dyes have sent me.  I need to purchase more undyed yarn too as I have heaps of dye extract to play with.

I’m still awaiting 2 more parcels, come on Mr postman!

As for knitting news, I have almost finished the first of Ian’s socks.  As I’m knitting them I’m remembering how Mum would knit navy blue jumpers/cardigans for the 5 of us for our school uniform every year, I never appreciated how knitting with dark yarn can strain your eyes, I do now.

Happy knitting X