Oh! What's occurring?……..Knitting!

We’ve had a lovely time knitting, laughing and eating yummy food together but sadly my holiday is coming to an end. Here’s a look at the projects from this holiday.

Technically finished moments before I went to the airport. Ysolda’s scroll lace scarf knitted in the gorgeous Colinette I was given for my birthday by my good friend Julie at Richmond knitters stitch and bitch night. Turned out beautifully I think and I have worn it heaps and received lots of compliments the greatest of which came from Fiona who insisted on knitting one for herself.

Fiona knitted her scroll lace scarf in Heirloom alpaca, the colour is our favourite, duck egg blue and I think I may have to make another in this yarn too as the pattern is gorgeous and the yarn so yummy.  This was Fiona’s first attempt at lace knitting, short rows and picking up stitches.

Fiona made her first garment, a loose textured cape based on a pattern by Jo Sharp but with a few changes.  It is made by knitting several yarns together in various stitches. The flower broach was a real find from Sainsbury’s supermarket and brings out the blue-grey yarn used in parts of the cape.

I finished my February Lady Sweater! I decided to make it short sleeved and shortish body (just at the hip bone) and love wearing it with my jeans. The colour is sooo Spring.  The yarn Mmmmmalabrigo in Lettice, lovely to knit with so squishy  This project was a KAL with the Richmond Knitters if you remember back to one of my previous posts, then Fiona and I decided to do a sisterly KAL.

We made Pink by Wendy Bernard, a lovely top down raglan.  Fiona finished hers first, the yarn by King Cole was purchased at Baa Ram Ewe in a classic Fiona colour.  She decided on a short sleeved, longer body version, after being encouraged to do so by some of her knitting friends at her local knitting group “In Stitches”.

My Pink was made in Mmmmalabrigo, (loving this yarn) and no pooling even though I just knitted one skein at a time.  I made additional decreases and increases to the sleeves and the body and finished them off with a few rows of garter stitch. The body is also quite a bit longer than the original pattern as I’m past my midriff baring days. I love how warm this jumper is and it will certainly cheer up some winter days when I’m back in Melbourne.  I love this pattern and will definitely be making another one at least.

If you’re wondering, the title refers to a British TV show we have been watching “Gavin and Stacey”.

Monday night knitting with the Richmond knitters plus a surprise

Last night I went to knit night with the Richmond Knitters straight from work.  It being the 1st of February was cast on day for the Richmond knitters’ February Lady Sweater KAL.  I am knitting the FLS in Malabrigo Worsted in Lettuce a lovely green which puts me in mind of Spring shoots.  I am calling my FLS, February in England Sweater as I will be making the trip home to visit my lovely family in Yorkshire towards the end of this month.  As February is one of the coldest months of the year in England this cardigan will get plenty of wear.

My February in England Sweater

Apologies for the shaky picture ;o)

A friend and fellow homesick Yorkshire lass was at knit night and as we hadn’t seen each other since before Christmas she presented me with a belated birthday gift. It came as a complete surprise as she passed it to me along with a lovely card which had a wonderful quote on the front ” We turn not older with years, but new every day!”

Anyway, I unwrapped the present and discovered this;

I must have been catching flies for some time, as I admired the beautiful project pouch for a while, reading the print on the fabric all about tea and knitting.  But I could hear conversations which revealed that my clever Yorkshire compadre had made it!  I was speechless, how lucky am I?

Then a voice said, “I think there’s something inside it?” Oh my gosh, so there was;

Three skeins of beautiful merino yarn by Colinette in grey-greens with flecks of rust and yellow-green and slate and so exactly to my taste.  As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect for Ysolda’s Scroll Lace scarf so soft and the colours look great next to my skin.  I revealed my intended pattern for this yarn and she completely agreed, also the project pouch has been lined in a fabulous retro daisy pattern, I don’t recall mentioning that daisies are my favourite flower so it must be coincidence. I am not only lucky but at this point giddy with joy.

Then she mentioned that there was a third part to the gift which I had left in the wrapping. More!

A block of my favourite chocolate, I am indeed spoiled!

I am so blessed to have such an incredibly thoughtful and generous friend.  I am not nearly eloquent enough to express here or anywhere, really how much I want to thank Julie not only for my birthday gift but for the gift of her friendship.