Febbie Day

I am perilously close to starting a new hobby/addiction and it’s all because of a new crafty friend I’ve made in Hull, Debbie. Her craft name Febbie Day is a nickname given to her by her brother when they were little because her middle name is Fay, sooo cute! Although Debbie has been crafty all her life and studied Art at college she rediscovered ceramics whilst living in Australia (sound familiar?) 

In her delightful home studio, Debbie makes the most beautiful porcelain jewellery and table decorations. I love the elegant simplicity of her jewellery which is often inspired by nature. Recently I’ve bought several pairs of earrings from her and I’ve got my eye on a few more. Earrings are really the only jewellery I wear because I usually have a scarf around my neck and I don’t like to draw attention to my hands (theatre nursing ruins your nails). All her jewellery has silver and gold posts, hooks and chains which is great for those of us with allergies. Porcelain isn’t a material that immediately springs to mind for jewellery but it works so well. They are very delicate and weigh next to nothing and though porcelain has a reputation for being easily broken they are suprisingly robust having dropped mine on the floor many times when putting them on and such because as you know, I am officially the clumsiest woman on the Earth.


Debbie is part of a co-operative Doe & Day with her friend and fellow ceramic artist Lesley. They currently sell through Etsy and Dawanda and are in the process of designing their own website. They also sell through Bel Regalo in Beverley if your passing or need an excuse to visit the beautiful and historic town of Beverley (like a smaller version of York, it even has it’s own Minster).

 The process of making the jewellery is very labour intensive. There are 9 processes involved in total, with 2 to 3 firings and each piece is refined 3 to 4 times to smooth and polish the porcelain. Each piece is totally unique and special due to the nature of the material and glazes. This for me, is why I find it so utterly charming. Being crafty myself I really admire and appreciate all the work that’s involved in the making of the jewellery and it’s a great feeling to support a local artist. 

Debbie is hoping to teach small groups in future and of course I’m very eager to join in these classes. One more hobby won’t hurt will it?

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