Vintage Finds

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m still here, still knitting and spinning but mostly working, working, working to get funds to get my life back on track. Whilst, I don’t consider myself overly materialistic, I have no cravings for a flat screen telly or anything there are some things I need. My preference is to buy second hand where possible and as I’m highly aversed to anything synthetic if it’s not second hand then it has to be made from sustainable materials. Yesterday, I got the chance to buy some second hand pieces to make my home a bit more homely and support a wonderful charity at the same time. A win all round really.

I was on my way down Newland Ave, which is in a trendy, studenty area of Hull to buy some milk and veg for dinner when my eye caught sight of a beautiful sewing stool in the Dove House #87 charity shop (Dove House is our local hospice). I had been on the lookout for something to put my WiPs and notions in for a while now so course, I had to go in and have a good look at it. While I was there I spotted several other beautiful pieces that were on my list of things I need for my home and so I ended up with quite a haul.



All in all I spent, £164 on a sewing stool full of goodies, a gorgeous brass work lamp in full working order, a beautiful floor lamp stand that needs the electrical components and a shade, two mirrors, an old Quality Street tin full of sewing bits and a Mason Cash mixing bowl. I can’t quite believe my luck. All the pieces are in beautiful condition and the sewing box was full of the most beautiful sewing threads, darning thread and needles, linen carpet thread for mending carpets and rugs presumably, hosery mending thread for darning sockings and tights I’m guessing, a darning mushroom, two linen trouser pockets and assorted other haberdashery supplies.

I keep wondering about the identity of the lady who owned it before me it would be lovely to be able to chat to her about crafty stuff and her life, it looks like she has a similar taste in colours.








3 thoughts on “Vintage Finds

  1. Well done indeed, what a great haul! I hope you have lots of fun furnishing your home with all the new pieces….

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