Spot the difference

Hmmm, same colour, same dye lot…


Apparently Noro silk garden whilst it comes in 100 metre balls is dyed with 150 metre colour repeats. *big sigh* well, you live and learn!

So today I went back to the wool baa and the assistant got every ball of this colour way/dye lot out and I went through them to find one that started with black and grey and contained the rust and blue colours so it doesn’t look like a blind person chose the yarn for the socks.  These socks are extra big socks for my poor Dad whose feet and ankles have swollen badly due to his poor health.

Much better!

On a more positive note, remember this batt that I made at Bendigo on the Ashford drum carder?

Well last night I got my favourite Ken Ledbetter spindle out and spun it up, then Navajo plied it.  It looked very pretty.

Today I knit it up into a swatch.

Mmmm, yummy tweedy goodness.  A drum carder is definitely on my wish list so I can make tweedy yarn for tweedy jumpers (life’s too short to hand card for a jumper).


4 thoughts on “Spot the difference

  1. Considering my ongoing lust for Noro, it’s probably excellent that somebody informed me about this. I had no idea! Socks look gorgeous by the way; I hope your dad loves them!

  2. Love the yarn you spun, amazes me how it looks like fluff one minute then lovely yarn the next. Dad’s looking forward to seeing his socks. He had to put a normal pair on today and they’re very tight so i think he’ll be relieved to have some big warm socks. x

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