Progress report: aurora borealis scarf

This project is going very slowly for something that only takes one skein of yarn, pitifully slowly even.  I have no excuses as to why really.  I still love it, mostly because of the yarn but also because chevrons make me happy too.  I can’t wait to wear it and this is what’s propelling me onwards to finish it.  I finished the first half yesterday and have made the brave move to knit it in two halves like the pattern suggests.  I have a cunning plan to help me conquer any grafting calamities. I’m going to graft it on a Monday night when I have the support of fellow Richmond knitters who I am sure will order medicinal gin STAT if it’s required. Then get me to do breathing exercises to calm me down before walking me through the disaster until I reach a point of safety as per the knitters code.



The photo was taken by the lovely Sonia after I complained at my inability to capture the colours accurately.  So many thanks Sonia you have done me proud the different shades of blue and green are much more evident in the above photo than my previous attempts.

In other news…

…I still haven’t finished the handspun hap blanket, lost the love there, hopefully only temporarily though.  I’ve been spindling some Shetland tops though, which aren’t finished but at least I can say I’m not completely unproductive.

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