A few of my favourite things

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve cast on for a couple of new projects.  One of which is my Aurora Borealis scarf.  This scarf combines a few of my favourite things.

Firstly, it’s a scarf and I am of the opinion that you can never have too many scarves. Scarves to snuggle into and scarves that are just enough to take that nip out of the weather.  I will even wear a scarf with my pyjamas when I’m watching the telly and of course you need scarves of different colours to complement every outfit. I have big love for scarfie-shawly type things.

Secondly, it’s knit from a single skein of luxury sock yarn and I am a bit addicted to buying luxury hand dyed sock yarn.  I love the colours, the one-of-a-kind-ness and that they are just enough of a purchase to cheer you up without breaking the bank.  The indie dyers that produce these lovelies have my fullest respect and admiration, proper yarn artists they are and I’m more than happy to keep them gainfully employed.  Sometimes though, I think that luxury sock yarns are just too beautiful to be hidden under boots and trousers, not that I’m adversed to wearing cashmere socks, oh no! Diamonds may not be my thing but luxury fibres, I can never get enough of and I have every intention of knitting some cashmere socks one day, several pairs in fact.

Thirdly, it’s a free Ravelry pattern!  I came across it while playing with the advanced pattern search thingumy which is one of my favourite things about Rav.  It is a beginner lace pattern, so very simple, but I like simple and unfussy and it has an elegant chevron thing going on.  I like directional stitches too they bring out the colour variations in the sock yarn beautifully.  It’s name if you want to look it up is “favorite scarf ever”, which is quite apt really, it’s by Lisa Bruce (I used to have a nana Bruce, she was my nana’s best friend and she would bring lots of Scottish baked treats, yum, for us when she visited, my nana and her both being Scottish).  Hmm, anyway, you have to use the American spelling of favourite or it doesn’t come up but here’s a link.  As this scarf is knit in two halves it will be small enough to be my on-the-go-knit-it-on-the-peasant-wagon project except that I haven’t yet come to terms with grafting lace since the crofters cowl thing so I might chicken out.  Whatever happens, I am so in love with this pattern that I’m planning a second one already, I think that the original one on the Ravelry page has a bit of a Missoni thing going on.

The yarn is from Skein a NSW dyer on Etsy, it’s Merino/cashmere in colourway Ao.  The colours are grey-green-blue with flashes of light yellow-green, not girly pretty but it will go with many things in my wardrobe. When I began to knit it up the colours moving through the chevrons put me in mind of the Aurora Borealis with the dancing lights and everything so that’s what I called it, yes I’m a bit fanciful now and then often.

The Aurora Borealis is something that has long fascinated me and one day I will see it.  I read in the news online that they’ve started doing flights from Humberside airport over to the northern most parts of Scotland to view this beautiful phenomena recently, which is very exciting.  Next time I come and visit you Fiona we will have to do this!  I am aware that there is also the Aurora Australis but the Borealis was the first one I knew about and I’ve been fascinated with it since I was a child so that’s why it takes precedence in my affections.  Who knows though, maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get to see both.

As you know, I think you can never have too many scarves and one that is knit from a single skein of luxury sock yarn from a free pattern, well, what’s not to love?

One thought on “A few of my favourite things

  1. The flashes of blue are gorgeous in the chevron pattern.

    I love scarves too, their only drawback is that they are long (obviously) and can take a while to knit.

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