I finished Damson yesterday on the train to work.  I wove the ends in and blocked it last night after work, pinning the edging open.  Today I am wearing it with pride despite the few fudged areas where I lost the ability to count and follow simple knitting instructions.  I have to say you have to look closely to find them so I am trying to put the knowledge of them to the furthest recesses of my mind and not allow the perfectionist in me to dwell too much.

The photo was taken by my eldest son Sam, who really doesn’t enjoy taking photos of knitwear.   I think  Damson looks pretty and I will wear it often.  I had thought about knitting another one in red but Sonia talked me out of it, or rather we tossed a coin and the coin said no.

As the next KAL I’m participating in isn’t until March I am planning a few small projects, Ripley, Crofter’s cowl and a red Scroll Lace Scarf (I’ve decided I really need a red scarf and as I have not found a suitable match for the Amy Pond scarf, Scroll Lace it is, it is my favourite scarf pattern after all). I am also going to make a start on Farinelli because I need them in my wardrobe, you understand don’t you?

ttfn Melanie x

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