Abbotsford Convent Baking Day

I had a fabulous day today at Abbotsford Convent Bakery with some of my colleagues and friends from work.  It started bright and early where we were greeted with coffee and tea and introduced to our lovely teacher Dan who was to take us through the art of baking scones and bread.

Dan stands in front of the original brick built, wood fired bread oven (1901), that we will bake our bread and scones in.

We start by making scones and Dan emphasises how a light touch is required, unfortunately my mixture is a tad wet and I fail to shape my scones very neatly.

They still taste great with the homemade raspberry jam and whipped cream and a lovely cuppa for our morning tea.

We make pizza dough and white and light rye sour doughs too.  As they prove we go for a walk around the convent part of which has been converted into an arts and well-being centres with some lovely cafes.

We saw exquisite hand blown glassware being made

We returned to top our pizzas, and tend to our bread dough again. Dan gave us some top tips on how to test the dough to see if it was kneaded enough, proved enough and how to make a sour dough starter etc.  We made 2 pizzas and had some for lunch with lovely organic coffee that had been freshly roasted and ground that morning in the next room to us.

We came home with our aprons, a certificate, a recipe sheet, 2 light rye sourdough loaves, 1 white sourdough loaf, our scones and pizza plus some leftover pizza dough (top tip, leave pizza dough in fridge overnight for a tastier pizza) and some organic bakers flour.  I also scored some sourdough starter (8 years old!).  I will definitely return for more classes, such a brilliant day !

2 thoughts on “Abbotsford Convent Baking Day

  1. Looks like a great day out! When i come over we’ll have to go. Love the photos too, great composition on the last one. Could be used as an advert. :o)

    Glad you had a great day. x

  2. You would love the place, it has a great feel to it and photo opportunities abound. I took all of these with my iphone and just snapped away so quality not as good as yours.

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